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Rabun County designated The Wooden Boat Capital of Georgia

Rabun County, Georgia, was recently named The Wooden Boat Capital of Georgia by Senate Resolution 670 by Senator Bo Hatchett and adopted March 15, 2022. We have an official copy in our office downtown, stop by and check it out sometime!

In the Georgia Senate, A Resolution Designating Rabun County as “The Wooden Boat Capital of Georgia”; and for other purposes. WHEREAS, the three principal lakes in Rabun County, Lake Burton, Seed Lake, and Lake Rabun, have had long and rich histories of wooden boat ownership dating back to the 1930s; and WHEREAS, there are over 200 vintage wooden boats being operated on these Rabun County lakes on any given summer; and WHEREAS, many of these vintage wooden boats are over 75 years old and have been in Georgia families for generations; and WHEREAS, Lake Rabun and Lake Burton each have Annual Vintage Wooden Boat Parades and Shows that draw spectators from all over North Georgia and beyond; and WHEREAS, these parades and shows provide enjoyment for both the young and old, and they generate tourist activity that contributes to the economic well-being of Rabu County as well as the entire Northeast Georgia area. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that the members of this body’s officially designate Rabun County, Georgia, located in the northeast corner of the state, as “The Wooden Boat Capital of Georgia.” BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to make an appropriate copy of this resolution available for distribution to Rabun County.

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